Ten essentials to pack in your hospital bag

I have read masses of lists detailing what to pack in your hospital bag. None of them helped – I can be the world’s biggest procrastinator and when my water broke unexpectedly I threw things into a bag and bolted (yes, I did literally run to catch the bus) to the hospital.

Needless to say, I was unprepared.

So more than a list detailing what you need, my list is one that details what I wish I had packed – the things my poor husband had to go home and fetch at the last minute:

1. Water – whether you’re thirst or not, you need to drink it. Hospitals will usually have a water dispenser but San Pelle might be your fave; in which case… pack your own.

2. Comfy slippers or shoes in which to mozie around the hospital during early labour (when I say ‘mozie’, I really mean stagger).

3. A nightie or T-shirt; it’s good to have one with buttons so that you can whip out your breast (if you’re breast feeding) with ease – babies are hungry creatures. It’s also a good idea to dress in something you don’t mind ruining – birth can be messy.

4. A camera (I don’t think I need to explain).

5. A change of clothes (or two) and loads of undies and a maternity bra or two (if you’re breastfeeding) – you’ll definitely want to shower and change when you are up to it.

6. Pads. It’s good to err on the side of caution and get the biggest pads you can find – ‘maternity pads’ in other words.

7. Toiletries – the usual stuff (shampoo, toothbrush, soap etc.) plus ALWAYS HAVE YOUR FOUNDATION AT HAND. Birth is not always kind to your skin, you’ll be grateful for a little ‘cover-up’ when your hubby starts snapping a billion picks of you and your precious new bundle.

8. A towel – don’t assume that the hospital will provide you with one.

9. Nappies and cotton wool (or wipes) for your babs.

10. Clothes for your babs – pack clothes for warm and cool weather conditions (just in case).

Good luck mums-to be! You might also find Sudocrem’s video on what to pack for hospital when having a baby helpful.

What’s your list of ten essentials?