Ten items not to buy for your new baby (parents list least useful items)

Baby paraphernalia is expensive, or at least it can be. And even if you manage to cut costs with sales, bargains and second hand stuff, guaranteed you’ll be laden with things that you land up never using.

Which? conducted a survey in which parents with children under the age of five were asked to list their most pointless baby items – the things that, in their experience, proved the most useless. (The survey excluded essentials like cots and car seats.)

Here’s what mums and dads listed as the top ten items they would not purchase:

  1. Door baby bouncer (up to £30)
  2. Baby washing bowls (up to £10)
  3. Manual breast pump (up to £80)
  4. Baby hammock (can cost more than £150)
  5. Fabric sling (cost £15 to £80)
  6. Nappy stacker (between £5 to £20)
  7. Bumbo seat (£30 to £40)
  8. Cot mobile (up to £30)
  9. Swaddling blanket (£10 to £25)
  10. Nappy disposal bin (£10 to over £50)

I kind of ‘wowed’ as I read the list because there are things on there that I would never do without, including the item that parents found the most useless.

My eldest daughter lived in her Door baby bouncer – she absolutely loved it and the tasks I accomplished while she was bouncing happily were certainly worth their weight in gold – never mind the £20 we paid for the jumper!

I also rate highly the Bumbo seat that my two girls spent many a happy moment playing and eating in, as well as the fabric sling that held my girls when they were tiny babies.

However; manual breast pump – useless, nappy disposal bin – pointless, swaddling blanket – any ‘light’ blanket will suffice,  cot mobile – distracting thus sleep inhibiting, nappy stacker – what?, baby washing bowls – waste of money, baby hammock – sounds cool but would never foot the exorbitant cost.

Foregoing the items mentioned on the list could save you up to £275, as well as the hassle of recycling bulky objects that take up space in your home.

What do you think? – What baby item did you find the most pointless?

Source: Which.co.uk – “Parents’ 10 least useful baby products”