Ten ‘must have’ baby items

Baby paraphernalia has a way of making the brain hurt – there is so much of it and working out what is and isn’t useful, especially when you’re a first time parent, can be proper hard work.

And the thing with asking advice is that all of your mummy friends will have differing opinions – am I right?

Consumer champion Which? recently surveyed a load of parents (with children under the age of five) to create a tip ten list of the most useful baby products out there – things that you can’t have small children and do without. So, in the name of ‘majority rules’, here’s the outcome:

  1. Stair gates (£15 to £100)
  2. Baby changing bag (£20 to £250)
  3. Audio baby monitor (£20 to over £60)
  4. Electric steam steriliser kit (£30 to £100)
  5. Microwave steam steriliser kit (£20 to £50)
  6. Video baby monitor (no suggested price – presumably quite expensive)
  7. Baby sleeping bag (£10 to £20)
  8. Digital ear thermometer (£10 to £40)
  9. Baby bouncer chair (£20 and £70)
  10. Travel cot (£20 to over £100)

It seems that UK parents prioritise safety – stair gates (70 per cent of parents surveyed own one), baby monitors, sterilising equipment etc.

As a mum of three, I definitely rate travel cots and thermometers. Audio baby monitors are useful but I wouldn’t say that a video monitor is essential by any means. Stair gates offer peace of mind if you have stairs in your home and a mobile baby and a baby bouncer chair is a brilliant contraption – ours, which was passed down from a friend, has been well used. But when it comes to baby changing bags – any old bag will suffice – and although baby sleeping bags are a great way to stop children from wiggling out of their blankets, I seem to have used them less and less the more children I have had; can’t explain it.

And sterilisers? Is it worth forking out cash for a fancy one? I’ve always used a pretty basic microwave steamer; my only gripe being that it is too small – but I have not been put out enough to spend more on a bigger one. The point: fancy isn’t essential but f a potential fear of germs and infection will be assuaged by a pricey steriliser, the money is most likely worth it!

What do you think? What baby items did you find the most useful?

Source: Which.co.uk – “Parents’ 10 most useful baby products”