Ten tear-inducing baby milestones

As exciting as it is to watch your baby grow and develop it is also sentimentally tear-inducing; anyone who tells you otherwise is in denial.

When something lives, grows and moves inside your body for nine months, it’s difficult to let go – especially in that first year.

So here is a list of ten baby milestones that will bring a tear to your eye as you look on and smile:

1. When the Umbilical Cord falls off – okay, so umbilical cords are pretty gross but they are a symbol of the bond you shared with your babs for nine months. When the cord falls off, the physical reminder of that time is gone too.

2. Baby’s first smile – even if involuntary, a smile is a sign of happiness – that your baby is happy; that you make your baby happy.

3. When you pack the baby bath in the cupboard – when is too big to squash in the baby bath (or fit in the basin) and you migrate them to the big bath… soon they’ll be sitting and before you know it they’ll be a year old.

4. When they outgrow their gurgles – those precious little first coos and gurgles are so special; they’re almost the first sign that you’re loving an actual person not just a blob. I still miss them.

5. Baby’s first tooth – I loved my daughter’s ‘snaggle tooth’; the one solitary tooth protruding from the top of her gum and I was genuinely sad when she grew some more teeth and the ‘snaggle’ was gone. No more gummy grin. No more ‘snaggle grin’. I may have cried.

6. Packing away the JollyJumper – it could be any toy but for me it is always the JollyJumper; both my girls but especially my eldest daughter loved the JJ. I remember the excited squeals and smiling eyes that JJ induced… and when they outgrew it I was distinctly aware that they were growing up. I even missed the annoying squeak it made every time the girls jumped.

7. Baby’s first haircut: I was so attached to my youngest daughter’s mop of hair that when we cut it to neaten it up, we left a long Mohawk bit at the top (which she still has) because it was too fabulous to cut away. When you realise that you’re cutting the hair that your babs was born with, you’ll feel your heart tighten just a little.

8. When they learn to chew – I loved watching my babies learn to chew – sucking on a piece of banana, squashing it between their gums, making a big fat mess; just like an old person. It’s totally adorable. I miss it.

9. When they outgrow their onesies – those buttons are crazy-annoying but no more onesie means no more baby. Boooo…

10. When you stop breastfeeding – even if you’re ready and you know it’s right, it’s always difficult to break that special bond.

Parents are allowed to be sentimental; ridiculously sentimental, in fact. Own it. And never feel bad for it.

What baby milestones brought tears to your eyes?