Ten tips when flying with babies and children

Jetting off to sunnier climes with your beloved offspring this summer and feeling slightly apprehensive about the flight?

Worry no more as the following ten tips when flying with babies and children will help your highly anticipated journey run smoothly.

1 – Take lots of entertainment

Ensure to pack in your hand luggage lots of things to keep your little one occupied during the flight. Books, toys, colouring books, games and plenty of snacks should be enough to entertain your child for the duration of the flight.

2 – One at a time

Give babies and children their toys one at a time to maximise their use.

3 – Window seat

If your child is old enough to appreciate it, sitting them next to the window can be a good way to entertain them for a while. Children, generally speaking, love knowing what they are flying past. Talk them through your journey, and it will not only entertain them but will be a geography lesson as well!

4 – Eliminate ear infections

Before you go on holiday it may be a good idea to get your little one’s ears checked by a doctor. If a child’s ears hurt on an airplane, the flight can be an extremely stressful experience for you and everyone else on the plane! Eliminating any ear infections or excessive wax your child may have will help reduce the chances of earache in the air.

5 – Keep your child hydrated

Make sure your child does not dehydrate on the plane. Keep offering him sips of water or juice to keep him well hydrated.

6 – Take a blanket and pillow

Airplanes can be cold and uncomfortable places. To help your child sleep onboard an aircraft, pack a small pillow and a blanket with you.

7 – Pack spare clothes

Babies and children have a tendency for travel sickness so always be prepared for them being sick. Pack baby wipes and spare clothing for your child and you in your hand luggage.

8 – Portable DVD player

Whilst you may not want to advocate too much viewing on your holiday, a portable DVD player is a great way to help keep flight boredom at bay. Taking a film that bears some significance to your holiday destination is a good way of keeping the holiday spirit alive.

9 – Pack plenty of nappies

Remembering you put all the nappies into your suitcase when you are three miles high can be a sickening feeling. Make sure you have plenty of nappies within easy reach during the flight.

10 – Disposable bibs

Arriving at your holiday resort covered from head to toe in baby food is not desirable. Babies and children eating on an airplane can be a messy experience. Be sure to take plenty of disposable bibs.