Ten top superfoods for babies

Babycenter.com’s fab team of super-savvy baby, health and nutrition experts have clued us in on ten top superfoods for babies that are not only delicious but also budget-friendly and easy to prepare. Check it out:

Superfoods for babies

• Blueberries – antioxidants and flavonoids (good for eyes and brain)
• Yoghurt – calcium and vitamin D
• Squash – vitamin A (great for eyes)
• Lentils – lean protein and fibre
• Dark leafy greens (like kale or spinach) – iron and folate
• Broccoli – fibre, folate and calcium
• Avocados – healthy fats (boost brain development)
• Meat – since and iron
• Prunes – fibre (good for digestion)
• Mandarin oranges – vitamin C and antioxidants
If you’re doing the home-made baby food thing, the ingredients mentioned in the list are all great for daily meals; the likes broccoli and squash can be cut into small bite-size (soft) pieces or incorporated into baby stews. Avocado goes will with just about any fruit, mashed into it, and blueberries, prunes and yoghurt are tasty additions to breakfast cereals.

For more detailed info regarding the nutritional benefits of these top ten superfoods and for some serving suggestions, read “The 10 best foods for babies” (http://www.babycenter.com/0_the-10-best-foods-for-babies_10320505.bc) on Babycenter.com.