Ten ways to bond with your baby

For some parents bonding with their baby does not come naturally leaving many parents confused, bewildered and aghast.

If you are having difficulty bonding with your baby it is important to remember that you are not alone and, for some, the natural ‘connection’ between parent and baby does not come instantly and can take a little longer establishing. Below are ten ways to bond with your baby.

1 – Skin-to-skin contact can be a great way for parents to bond with their baby. Laying your baby on your chest with just her nappy on can help build a natural bond.

2 – Spending some valuable time alone together in those first few weeks can prove invaluable in forming a bond. It’s a good idea to postpone visitors until after you and your partner have spent some time ‘getting to know’ your little one.

3 – Breastfeeding releases oxytocin, otherwise known as the ‘love hormone’ and can help mothers bond with their babies. To help dad share the experience of feeding the baby try expressing some milk and let dad feed the baby the expressed milk in a bottle.

4 – Talking to your baby can help develop a bond between you. Not only will your baby become more accustomed to your voice, but you will feel content with the knowledge that talking to your baby will be making her feel more ‘secure’.

5 – Use a sling. Carrying baby around in a sling will not only mean that you have both your hands free but it can also help form a natural connection between you. Your baby’s warm body being close next to yours will help you both feel secure and contented.

6 –  Placing baby in a front facing pram or pushchair can help develop a connection between parents and their baby. Be sure to pull funny faces, play peek-a-boo and chat away to your baby when you are out and about.

7 – Bath times can be important in building a natural bond with your baby. Ensure that both parents are involved in bathing baby so that you both reap the benefits of this special time.

8 – Massaging your baby can prove invaluable in forming a bond between parents and their baby. Massage your baby regularly, several times a week, and even sing to her as you gently massage her delicate skin.

9 – Cuddling your baby produces similar ‘feel good hormones’ as breastfeeding and will help you both feel loved, happy and secure.

10 – Simply gazing into your baby’s eyes and staring at each other can work wonders in building a bond between you.