That’s Not My Owl – a book babies will love

I am the biggest fan of Usborne’s ‘That’s Not My’ range. The touchy-feely books are fun for toddlers but are an absolute hit with babies. Three children later I am the proud owner of a sad looking but well loved ‘That’s Not My Dragon’ book, which is practically busting after being manhandled with the severest adoration over the last five years.

That’s Not My Owl – a book babies will love

There are textures to touch and feel on every page, plus simple, repetitive text and bright, colourful illustrations, so really, it’s no surprise that inquisitive babies go for these books. But, in my experience, it’s the textures that are the real selling point; babies just love the sensory stimulation.

The newest book in the ‘Not My’ range rolled out on February 1st and is entitled ‘That’s Not My Owl’, featuring the affable antics of eight wise old owls. If you’re not already a fan of the series (which boasts nearly 50 titles), other characters that your baby might like are angels, tigers, monkeys, monsters, mermaids, meerkats, piglets, ducks, dinosaurs, pirates, pandas and just so many others that every little personality is catered for.

For more info on the range, visit and if you’re keen on the new Owl edition, Amazon has a good deal going!

What’s your favourite ‘Not My’ book?