The 3-6 Month Old: What to Expect

By now, you may have gotten into a groove with your little one, with a (tentative) nap and feed routine…on the other hand, sleep regressions are also common at this stage! Here’s what else might be in store for mama and baby 3-6 months in.

3-6 Month Year Old

Halfway through your little one’s first year, you’ll probably start to feel more confident in your parenting skills, becoming more familiar with baby’s cues. Now is also the time when things become fun: your baby is far more interactive with surroundings, will soon be experimenting with mobility, and is likely ready for that first foray into the world of food.

You might find that baby is sleeping for longer stretches at night—but don’t fret if that hasn’t happened yet—developmental leaps are frequent during this time, and can wreak havoc with previously smooth routines.

For mum, the monthly visitor may be back on schedule, although menstruation can take even a couple years to re-emerge, especially if breastfeeding continues.

On the note of breastfeeding, don’t feel pressured to conform to any specified weaning date—however long you choose to do so should be between you and your baby. Just remember to ease into weaning when you do, as stopping suddenly could increase risk of mastitis.

Now is also the time to consider contraceptive methods again, if you haven’t already.

All in all, 3-6 months is a time of changes, some degree of normalcy, and plenty of surprises…welcome to parenthood!

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