The App that Helps You Choose the Baby Name You ACTUALLY Want 

Baby naming is a big deal. Understandably, there’s plenty pressure to get it right – but the constant flux of trends, family expectations, and just the sheer multitude of options, can make the whole thing seem an impossible task.

Chooze app

Enter the app that claims to help you decide on the name you really want (whatever Grandma – or Instagram – says).

Chooze is an app designed to interpret your subconscious preferences in order to determine what moniker you’re likely to love forever for your child.

Apparently, Chooze uses cognitive psychology to uncover your true desires (when it comes to names, at least). You might scoff at the idea and profess that you don’t need your phone to tell you what you already know, but as the planet’s only mass-consuming species, we’re pretty solid proof that ‘trendy’ can have a huge impact on our choices – even subliminally — and who hasn’t regretted some impaired judgement calls in the name of courting popularity?

“Chooze is inspired by well-known and well-examined methodologies in experimental psychology. It allows us to estimate which name you find more attractive on an implicit, non-conscious level”, says renowned cognitive scientist, and Chooze co-founder Ran Hassin, PhD.

The app works by asking you to choose two or three baby names you fancy and a couple you don’t — it then pinpoints the positive and negative associations the parents have with each, and then identifies the one with the best compatibility for you and your partner’s likes.

“Baby names are a challenging journey for every expectant parent and there’s never been any technology that helps them pick. Chooze helps parents navigate the top names they’re considering and feel more confident about a decision that will affect them each and every time they say their child’s name,” explains app co-founder, Ittay Hayut.

If you’ve already bestowed a title upon your prized progeny without consulting the app, don’t fret – baby name regret may be real, but studies also show that your kid will eventually grow to look like his name, anyway.