The benefits of a baby sensory class

Baby and Toddler Sensory Classes are designed to help develop your baby or toddler’s social and physical skills before they go to pre-school and school.

If you are thinking about take your child to such a group then read on, as we highlight the many benefits of a Baby Sensory Class.

The benefits of a baby sensory class 

Mixing with other children

Taking your child to a Baby and Toddler Sensory Class will mean that she mixes with other young children and, by doing so, learns important social skills, such as co-operation, negotiation and sharing. This will mean your toddler is at an advantage before she goes to nursery or school.

Brings structure and routine

Young children, generally speaking, thrive on structure and routine and by taking them to a sensory class regularly will help to develop stability and structure in a toddler’s life.

Will give toddlers exercise

At Baby and Toddler Sensory Classes there is usually equipment available that is designed for giving toddlers exercise and develops their physical abilities. This equipment includes tunnels to crawl through, ball parks and soft balls to through, all of which helps to build confidence, co-ordination and strength.

Provides simulation

Being in new surroundings with an abundance of crayoning books to colour in, new toys to play with, being involved in singing nursery rhymes in groups, dancing, playing party games, various educational activities and of course mixing with other children, will bring your child no ends of mental stimulation.

This stimulation can mean that your toddler becomes better equipped to handle anger and frustration, develops imaginative thinking, as well as forming a foundation for complex precision tasks such as drawing and writing.

Means Mum mixes too!

Taking your baby or toddler to a Sensory Class not only benefits your child but will benefit you too. Not only will you be out of the house enjoying a change of scenery but there will be plenty of other mums there to talk to and share advice!

A good website to learn more about baby and toddler sensory and development classes, which also provides a comprehensive list of Children’s Centres across the UK that offer baby and toddler sense classes, is