The best buys for first-time parents

There are so many baby products available these days; it can be confusing knowing what you need and what you don’t. Technology has also opened up a whole new world of fancy gadgets that can often the mind quite boggled.



There are the obvious things, like a Moses basket/cot, changing bag, nappies, wipes, etc. But let’s strip it back and look at a few things you’ll really need to see you through the first few months with your newborn.


Babygrows – and lots of them

Small babies are really at their happiest and most comfortable in baby grows. While there are a lot of beautiful, cute and funky clothes that look super gorgeous in teeny tiny sizes, your little one will have more freedom of movement and comfort in a baby grow, and you’ll find it far easier to just undo a few poppers for a nappy change than you will anything else.


Baby monitor

You can get all kinds of singing and dancing monitors these days – ones that alert you to every movement of your baby or if the temperature in the room is too warm or cold. But, as long as you can hear your baby from wherever you are in the house, these extra functions aren’t a necessity.


Room thermometer

Babies can’t regulate their temperatures in the same way we can, so having a thermometer in their room is a good idea so you can make sure it’s always at a comfortable level.


Muslin squares

The best way to save your shoulder from an after-burp throw-up! Muslin squares are also really nice and soft on your baby’s skin.


Baby sleeping bag

Once your little one is past the swaddling stage (if they liked that) a sleeping bag is a great purchase. While blankets are functional, they can get kicked off and tangled around your baby or go over their head. A baby sleeping bag keeps your little one warm and there’s no risk of their head getting covered when they wriggle. Just like a duvet, they’re available in different togs to suit all seasons.


Baby towels with a hood

Soft, cosy and perfect for getting your little one nice and try, a baby towel with a hood is lovely on their delicate skin and keeps them all toasty and wrapped up from the second you take them out of the bath.