The Best Superhero Names For Your Superbaby

Thanks to the power of the franchise, there’s no shortage of superhero (and villain!) baby name inspo these days. If you dig the genre—or just want a name power-loaded with strength and supernatural smarts, check out this list.

The Best Superhero Names For Your Superbaby


Superhero: Wonder Woman

Alter ego: Diana Prince

Meaning “heavenly divine”, and also, Roman lunar goddess—double whammy!


Superhero: Superman

Alter ego: Clark Kent

Meaning “scholar” (of course), this name, as well as Kent, is a good choice for emphasising that brains and brawn can work together.


Superhero: Zorro

Alter ego: Don Diego de la Vega

The masked crusader, Diego can be a name that highlights the modesty of a true hero. Also, the swashbuckling skills are pretty impressive.


Superhero: Harley Quinn

Alter ego: Harleen Frances Quinzel

An atypical character with plenty of sass and smarts, Harley can be a good fit if you’re looking for a wildcard name that embodies the unconventional.


Superhero: Marvel Girl

Alter ego: Jean Grey

Originally a superheroine name, Grey is a gorgeous unisex option.


Superhero: Poison Ivy

Alter ego: Pamela Lillian Isley

Botanist-turned-badass, this enduring Batman adversary is a symbol of uber-feminine prowess.


Superhero: The Flash

Alter ego: Jay Garrick

Evoking the speedy ways inherent in most little dudes, Jay also means “to rejoice”.


Superhero: Superwoman

Alter Ego: Kara Zor-El

Meaning “beloved”, what more fitting name for your precious bundle?


Superhero: Lex Luthor

Alter ego: Alexander Joseph Luthor

Lex may have been Superman’s nemesis, but his name actually means “defender of men”. And anyway—who says Superman is top dog, anyway?


Superhero: Wolverine

Alter ego: James Howlett; Logan; Weapon X

One of the all-time hero faves, this name can’t help but conjure ideas of brute strength and unerring loyalty.


Superhero: Loki

Alter ego: Loki Laufeyson

The counterpoint to golden boy Thor, this choice is great for folks who don’t mind a little mischief in their lives (and little ones).


Superhero: Mystique

Alter ego: Raven Darkholme

A brooding, highly intelligent bird, this avian name is an avatar for pride—and supreme adaptability, in the Marvel-verse.


Superhero: Thor

Alter ego: God of Thunder

From Norse legend, this hammer-wielding god of thunder packs more power than almost any name under Valhalla.

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