The definitive nappy guide

With such a huge variety of nappies available, deciding which brand and nappy type to choose can be difficult.

To help you make your decision, there are several key features you need to look out for, when deciding which nappies your baby will most comfortable in. Here is the definitive nappy guide!

Disposable versus non-disposable

There are many advantages of using disposable nappies, namely they are much more convenient, quicker to put on, and there is no washing or drying involved. They are however more expensive, less environmentally friendly and, in using man-made materials, can irritate a baby’s skin.

Some research has suggested that babies who use non-disposable nappies may be potty changed quicker than babies who wear disposable nappies, because they are more aware of being wet.

Generally speaking, the majority of parents choose disposable nappies because of their greater convenience.


Some brands of nappies are gender specific, which helps provide a good fit for your little one, although most parents buy the unisex options. Nappies need to fit well, particularly around the tummy and legs to avoid leaks. The best nappies are well padded around the edges, to help prevent your baby from becoming sore.


The more absorbent the nappy, the less chance there is that leaks will occur. Wet nappies left on baby’s skin can cause irritation and nappy rash, so it is important to choose as permeable a nappy as possible, particularly at night time, when a wet and leaky nappy can wake your child up.


Babies go through a lot of nappies, particularly in the first few months. If money is an issue, choosing a less expensive brand may prove provident as you budget for your new arrival. Although beware of false economy, some nappies may be cheaper, but if you are changing them more regularly because they are not absorbent and leaking, less expensive nappies may not be as economical as first perceived.