The Essential Labour List—What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

You’ve got enough on your mind with your due date round the corner—use this cover-all hospital bag list for your labour prep, and then take the time to chill before the big day arrives.

Pregnant woman packing suitcase for maternity hospital at home

Madeformums suggests packing a main bag, and then having a second one ready (including extra baby and partner clothing) should your hospital stay be longer than anticipated.

What to put in the hospital bag:

  • Birth plan
  • Medical notes
  • Comfy clothing for labour—and a change in case waters break, or you’re sweating it out for a while.
  • Snacks, water, juice, plus straws for easy sips
  • Toiletries, hair bands and hairbrush
  • Towels
  • Underwear, either very comfy old ones or disposable paper ones
  • 1 pack maternity pads and breast pads
  • Nursing bra
  • Comfy button-down or stretchy pyjamas that make breastfeeding easy
  • Slippers
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothing
  • iPad / tablet
  • Magazines/books
  • Extra pillow
  • Post-birth outfit (if you’re bothered to change out of the PJs), and make-up—again, if you’re compelled.

Of course, don’t forget to pack in baby’s first outfit, plus an extra one, and a couple nappies, nappy sacks, and fragrance-free wipes.

Via madeformums