The importance of finding precious ‘you’ time

The arrival of a new baby is a life-changing event. Parents are utterly devoted and absorbed to the ceaseless joy their little creation gives them.

Whilst your new baby is naturally one of the most important things in your life, who relies on you entirely, it is easy to become too absorbed in being a mother and ‘mother’ only. It is important to establish a balance and endeavour to find some precious ‘you’ time.

Spend time with your partner

Having a baby can play havoc with your love life, which can often cause rifts between partners. It is important that yourself and your partner spend some time alone. Ask a grandparent or a friend to look after the baby and go for a walk, meal or a trip to the cinema with your partner.

Go out with friends

It is easy for mums to become so wrapped up in their baby, that they loose grip with the rest of the world, including their friends. Finding time to go out with your friends is important, as it will not only boost your self-esteem and help you recapture your ‘pre-mum’ identity, but spending some time away from your baby will also help to boost your enthusiasm towards caring for your little one.

Go back to work

Long gone are the days when it was the women who stayed at home with the children and the men were the ‘bread winners’. If you are missing having a job or feeling anxious about taking time out from your career and yearning some ‘mental’ stimulation and adult company, discuss and look into the possibility of going back to work. Going back to work on a part-time basis is often a good way of creating a good balance between family life and work.

Spend time pampering yourself

Modern mums rarely get a minute to think let alone spend time dedicated to themselves. If you feel that you are neglecting your own personal needs, it may be a good idea to set aside an afternoon or evening a week dedicated to pampering yourself. Get your partner, Mum or a friend to look after the baby and go shopping – not for food but for yourself – have your hair done or a massage, it will help you feeling renewed and refreshed and more able to cope with all the difficulties motherhood can throw at you.