The Infacol Baby Bonding Award’s 2012

The Infacol Baby Bonding awards are a time where we can recognise people who have helped parents bond with their babies during the early days after birth.

This sometimes difficult period can be helped dramatically by the help of others. The awards are a great way to show your appreciation for that special someone.

Gloria Hunniford is launching this year’s Infacol Baby Bonding Award and introduces a new category that highlights the importance of Grandparents.

This year Infacol, the maker of Britain’s number one infant colic remedy, has introduced the Diamond Award; a category just for grandparents.

The Infacol Baby Bonding Award 2012 also has two other categories; the Gem Award – for exceptional friends and family members and the Health Professionals Award – for healthcare professionals such as midwives, GPs and health visitors.

Each of the nominators wins £500 in Mothercare vouchers, the Diamond and Gem Award winners will receive a specially engraved crystal bowl and the Healthcare Professional wins a £1,000 training bursary.

The first 50 entries will receive a gorgeous exclusive to Infacol Moo Moo soft toy! A collectors item in the making!

Gloria Hunniford has just released her book ‘Glorious Grandparenting’, so can understand the importance of the new Diamond award; “As anyone who has had the gift of a new baby knows; everything is new in those first few days and it’s sometimes hard for a new parent to know where to start.

“This is why grandparents are so important, they are often the unseen, dedicated, guiding hand; they’ve been through the parenting process and can now pass on their experience.

“Their love, support and reassurance is an essential part of the bonding process between a new mum and her baby and it’s only right that we should celebrate them.”

To enter, or for further information, visit  Closing date for entries is 31st December 2011.

Gloria Hunniford’s Book Glorious Grandparenting is available through all good booksellers.