The most fun buggy ever? The Longboard Stroller

My husband is a skater – a skateboarder, in other words.

His skateboard has provided endless hours of fascination for my two daughters, who love to sit their dolls on the skateboard and ride them up and down the passage. They also like to sit themselves on the skateboard as dad pushes them around like two little Cleopatras.

So when I read about the Longboardstroller, I didn’t think of it as that crazy an idea. I know loads of skater dads who will love this!

The Longboardstroller is exactly what the name suggests; a skateboard that multitasks as a stroller, allowing you to push your child around town. It’s space-saving and environmentally friendly, and all that it requires is that you can skate (which is in fact no mean feat; I’ve tried!).

It’s suitable for children ages 9 months to 4 years – the child seat sits at the front of the Longboard, which is fitted with breaks and handlebars for steering.

I’m thinking about the ‘exercise factor’ that the Longboardstroller is sure to offer my rather voluptuous two-children-later rear – tone, tone and more tone… plus cardio to boot! Pick. Me.

The design, by buggy manufacturer Quinny, is still under development but the Longboardstroller is gaining huge press and people seem keen. Only when it is 100 per cent safe will it become available to the general public.

In the meantime, there is a dedicated site – – that is logging and blogging both progress and testing. Check it out and spread the word!