The most important travel accessory for kids?

A lot of us will be booking / have booked summer holidays to sunnier destinations. Travelling on a plane with children can be stressful, but we have come across a new safety product specifically designed with children’s air safety in mind. The CARES children’s safety seatbelt for airplanes.

The nappy rash cream Sudocrem blog recently advised that a seat for your child is a must when flying. The restraints in airplanes are not designed for young children and this is where CARES comes in.

CARES is the only harness that has been certified for airplane travel by the Federal Aviation Administration. It is suitable for children weighing 22 – 44 lbs and should be considered if you are flying with children this year.

As tough as a standard seatbelt, small enough to fit in your pocket (and light enough to not even know you are carrying it), it will not affect your hand luggage allowance.

It may give you peace of mind during a flight, as well as giving your young one a safe option when flying.

You can find out more about CARES here.