The most stylish celebrity baby of 2012?

Celebrity babies are born into the lime light and, whether they like it or not, will be ogled by the world at large. It is the public that prescribes celebrity children their ‘fashionista’ status; we buy the magazines, look at the pictures and read the stories.

Yet  Katie Holmes received a cyber-lashing on the blogosphere for daughter Suri’s obsession with fashion and labels; the words ‘spoilt’ and ‘precocious’ were thrown around with heated tongue. It seems a little unfair to judge celeb mums and dads for buying into the whole ‘designer baby philosophy’ if we are the ones propagating the idea with wide eyes and listening ears.

We scorn the notion of the excess that often robs children of their innocence and childhood but we buy into the razzmatazz of celebrity. As much as we might fight the urge, we can’t help but be interested in how Victoria, Danni and Amanda are kitting their kids. ran an online survey of the most stylish celebrity children and, unsurprisingly, Harper Seven Beckham was numero uno. See the full list below:

1. Harper Seven Beckham

2. Holly Rose

3. Blue Ivy

4. Aoife Belle

5. Mason Dash Disick

6. Suri Cruise

7. Astala Geldof

8. Ava Klass

9. Ethan Minogue

10. Kai Rooney

Source: – “Top Ten Most Stylish Celebrity Kids”

Who would you choose as the most stylish celebrity baby of 2012?