The multiple benefits of baby yoga

What are baby yoga classes?

Baby yoga classes provide a warm and friendly atmosphere to enable parents to gently massage, exercise and bond with their babies to music, thus creating a happy and secure foundation of well-being for both parent and baby.

What are the benefits of baby yoga classes?

If you thought yoga was just for adults then think again, as on the contrary, yoga can provide babies with great physical and mental stimulation. It has been medically proven that yoga can reduce the effects of colic, can help aid digestion, and can encourage a better night’s sleep.

By incorporated music, rhythm and movement, baby yoga classes provide a fun environment to, not only develop a baby’s muscular coordination and mental progression, but are also a fantastic way for parents to bond with their baby and build up confidence in handling their little ones.

Mums – and dads – can also benefit physically from the exercises included in baby yoga classes, but can be particularly beneficial to revitalising and strengthening a woman’s body after she has had a baby.

Yoga exercises are especially good for toning the abdominal muscles and tightening the pelvic floor muscles. Apart from the physical benefits, baby yoga classes provide a fantastic opportunity for new mums and dads to socialise and meet other parents.

Where will I find a baby yoga class?

Some health centres throughout Britain put on classes such as baby yoga and massage. Ask your midwife where your nearest class is. Likewise various fitness centres hold similar mother and baby exercise classes.