The Origami Stroller – would you buy one?

Okay, so today we are going to talk about the new shop4moms Origami Stroller – even if only to have a bit of a rant over the price of strollers!

One of my mum friends posted the new Origami on her Facebook page and I’m telling you; the responses were entertainment deluxe. But before I make your mind up for you, let me tell you a bit about said stroller, it is quite impressive… (drum roll please)…

The Origami is the world’s first power-folding stroller. It is:

POWER-FOLDING: Opens and closes itself at the touch of a button.

SELF-CHARGING: Generators in its rear wheels charge the Origami while you walk and can even charge your mobile.

LCD DASHBOARD: Includes thermometer, speedometer, trip and lifetime odometers.

CELL PHONE CHARGER: Use the Origami to charge your cell phone while you walk with this optional accessory.

LOTS OF STORAGE: Strollers need to work in the real world, not just in the store. That means cup holders, storage pockets and a big removable storage bag.

Plus, the origami has daytime running lights and pathway lights for low-light conditions.


This is either an answer to every mum’s prayer or a clumsy mum’s worst nightmare.

So – it has a mobile charger (yippee!), a cup holder, storage pockets and a storage bag – all things that I wish for on a daily basis.

BUT what happens if you’re out and run out of charge (I assume you resort to good ol’ pushing – oh the travesty!) and what happens if you push the ‘close’ button while the baby is still in the pram?

Judging by the reviews and comments posted all over the interweb, mums are either lusting after the Origami with unabashed desire or they are balking at the cost – yes dears, you do pay for every little convenience; a massive £550 ($849) – and gasping at the ‘unnecessary’ detail.

We’re on the fence with this one, but are dying to know what you think! Here’s a link – check it out and let us know!