The Second Trimester: 6 Incredible Things that are Happening Right Now

You’ve made it through the euphoria (and hormonal crazy town) of the first trimester, yet you’ve still got a ways to go before the last stretch…but the bit in between is hardly ‘just’ the bit in between; here’s why the second trimester is mind-blowing—and beautiful—in its own right.

Pregnant woman with ultrasound scan

1. The bump arrives

You’ll probably notice your tummy getting rounder…your baby has officially become too big to remain in the pelvic area, so your uterus is packing up and moving out(wards).

2. The first kick

Your baby has been roundhousing you for a while already, but now his strength is enough for you to feel the kicks.

3. Got milk?

Technically, it’s colostrum your breasts are starting to store—the super important first beverage for your baby. The milk will come in once bubs is born and has had his fill of the other good stuff, but you may notice some leakage of colostrum now (with plenty milk leaks to follow).

4. Practice contractions

Braxton Hicks contractions may have you thinking you’ve gone into early labour—but they’re nothing like the real deal. The tightening of the uterus for a few seconds at a time is theorised to be your body’s way of toning up the uterine muscles, and prepping the cervix for the big day. Braxtons are uncomfortable, but not painful.

5. Sharing meals

By now, your little one has grown taste buds to better enjoy your food choices (she can actually taste the food through the placenta!). What’s more, what you eat now could set up future preferences for her, too.

6. Turn up the volume

At around 18 weeks’ gestation, your baby can hear the sounds of the outside world. This—of course—means you can get started on those lullabies early. Even better: your lil’ cherub will be familiar with your voice before he’s even born, and once out, will turn towards wherever Mama’s voice is.*melt*.

Via babyology