The ten most unusual pregnancy cravings

Did you crave anything weird when you were pregnant?

I didn’t have any cravings EXCEPT for sparkling water (pretty unexciting)… but I also hankered for the smell of acetone, petrol, permanent markers, which I think counts as weird – putting petrol in the car took on new meaning when I was preggers.


Cravings can be a pain when they are ones (like mine) that can’t be sated – some mums crave things like chalk, ash, polystyrene, soap (for real!), which are obviously neither practical nor safe for consumption.

A recent survey polled mums-to-be on their pregnancy cravings and came up with a top ten list of the most unusual things listed – as reported by Check it out:

•           Ice

•           Chilli

•           Cigarette ash

•           Liquorice

•           Soap

•           Raw onion

•           Chalk

•           Grapefruit

•           Sardines

•           Horseradish

Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh (newly pregnant) recently revealed a chilli craving and get this: Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox used to have chocolate and egg mayonnaise sandwiches – together…on one sandwich. Ick.

And Victoria Beckham craved more pets, cats especially (at least she can afford them!).

Other strange cravings I have heard of are: pickle juice (not the pickles), artichokes, honey & mustard sauce and sour skittles.

I guess that ‘weird’ is relative to the individual but some things are… just weird!

Share your strange pregnancy cravings with us!