The top 3 exciting tastes for baby!

Baby food brand Ella’s Kitchen recently teamed up with the science-y people at the Thrill Laboratory to find out which ingredients are the most exciting for babies.

When babies get excited their little hearts race, their breathing quickens, their eyes widen and if your little ones are anything like mine, their arms flap up and down in a hilarious-yet-slightly-maniacal type of way.

All of the aforementioned are fairly easy to gauge. But to get the most accurate readings from the food-tasting babies the guys from the thrill laboratory also wanted to test their sweat levels, which increase with their level of excitement.

So, while the babies tried a whole bunch of different foods, including: red pepper, lemon, coconut, apricot, sweet potato, banana, papaya, mango, carrot and cinnamon, their galvanic skin responses (GSR – a method of measuring the electrical conductance of the skin, which varies with its moisture level) were monitored to show what physiological response each baby had to the variety of flavours experienced.

And which flavours do you think came out on top? – Bearing in mind that the test was about finding the tastes that thrill babies the most; not necessarily the ones with which they are the most comfortable…

In first place is MANGO, second is CINNAMON and third is LEMON.

Ella’s Kitchen commissioned the research in order to ensure that recipe developers tailor-make recipes to babies’ tastes. But it’s also really useful info for mums and dads who are doing a lot of home cooking for their babies.

I probably wouldn’t give my one-year-old a lemon to suck on but I would certainly add lemon to her meals; same with cinnamon. I actually used cinnamon a lot when I was cooking for both my baby girls – so I am happy to see it listed as one of the most exciting flavours.

And my girls, even at ages two and four, are mad for mangoes – juicy, tangy, citrus-y… what’s not to love!

To watch the babies’ reactions to the different foods (you’ll definitely smile!), visit

What flavours seem to excite your baby’s taste buds?