The Top Four Fears Expectant Mums Face

Pregnancy is an exciting time—but if it’s your first, it’s unknown territory, too, and anxieties are also common par for the course. Here are the biggest worries for most mums-to-be—and what the experts say.

The Top Four Fears Expectant Mums Face


Squashing the Baby

Plenty of pregnant women fear that they’ll squash their growing baby if they roll over onto their stomach during sleep. But lying awake worrying about this scenario isn’t necessary. Your baby is surrounded by a cushion of shock-absorbing fluid, and for the first stages of pregnancy, your bub is so tiny, you can safely sleep on your tummy without disturbing what’s happening in-utero. In later pregnancy, it becomes virtually impossible to lay face-down anyway, and your bump would make it way too uncomfortable to even try—whether you’re awake or asleep.

 Eating Something Harmful

If you go down the Google rabbit-hole, you’ll likely be too scared to eat anything throughout pregnancy, but the truth is there’s only a handful of major no-no’s; with a few recommendations of discretion for other things. Avoid raw meat, seafood, unpasteurised milk and cheese, and alcohol. Enjoy your daily cuppa—in moderation, and even feel good about that bar of chocolate.

Never Losing the Baby Weight

Firstly; you need to have perspective. Pregnancy happens for nine months. Expecting to lose any weight you may put on during such time in any shorter time is not really realistic. Slow and steady is the mantra, and above all, focus on health, not waistline, to feel better and be better—for you and baby. Secondly, put away the skinny jeans and avoid celebs’ social media posts about bouncing back after pregnancy; this will do nothing to keep you thinking realistically (and healthily).

Not Knowing How to Look After Baby

The truth is that most newbie parents are fairly clueless when it comes to parenting. The good news is that the instinct to do a good job of it is innate. Consider baptism by fire inevitable for the first few months of newborn care, and eventually, you’ll find your groove together. And don’t be too proud to ask for help—or just commiseration—with those who have gone before; you’ll be surprised how many seasoned mums and dads were once-upon-a-time just as clueless as you.

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