The UK’s biggest baby boom in 40 years

Does your toddler always have to fight for a spot on the round or stand in a mile long queue for the slide every time you hit the playground? Have you been trying to get your child into nursery for months… and months?

Are there never enough nappies in the shop? And does there seem to be a tantruming two-year-old around every corner?


Probably all of the above.

But there is a reason: the latest stats show that the UK had a baby boom starting mid-2011 up until mid-2012 (June to be exact), with 813,200 new births registered; the UK’s biggest baby boom since 1972. – My youngest daughter was born in the January of that baby boom year!

In other words, toddlers are taking up a great deal of space in the UK at the moment.

Reporting on said boom, Alanna Petroff for CNN Money writes that the increase in birth rate (which has since levelled off) will boost the economy for years to come.

One of the factors contributing to what is referred to as the baby ‘boomlet’ is the rise in immigration in the 22-33 year-old age category.

A greater workforce will result in higher productive capacity, a thriving housing market and more support for the vast elderly population in the country – at least that’s what the experts say.

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