The White Noise Baby app

If there is one thing that mums cannot help but gab about, it’s sleep; the biggest deal in any new parent’s life. How much or how little we get all depends on how much or how little baby gets. It’s a symbiotic relationship and it’s often difficult to master.

You may have heard on the grape vine that white noise helps babies sleep. If you’re keen to try the technique, you might think it worthwhile to check out the White Noise Baby app.

The idea behind white noise is that it drowns out the everyday noises that are often distracting and over stimulating for a baby, helping baby to focus on the task at hand – sleep!

The White Noise Baby app aims to help your baby relax, stop crying and sleep better with looped ambient sounds including:

  • Air Conditioner
  • Car Ride
  • Classical Music
  • Conch Shell
  • Doppler Ultrasound
  • Hair Dryer
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Blue Noise
  • Gray Noise
  • Pink Noise
  • Red Noise
  • Violet Noise

Other features include:

  • Perfectly looped ambient sounds.
  • Background audio support.
  • Baby mode notification to reduce interruptions.
  • Baby rattle with touch and shake controls.
  • Sound shutoff timer (fades volume to silence).
  • Baby monitor will reactivate timer and sound if crying is detected.
  • Event log of noise detection helps discover your baby’s sleeping cycle.
  • 10 Tips to help your baby sleep great.
  • White Noise.
  • Dripping Water.
  • Grandfather Clock.
  • Heartbeat.
  • Wind Chimes & tips from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Retina display support.
  • Optimised for longer battery life.

I find it utterly fascinating that dripping water is torturous for an adult but lulls a baby to sleep! But it certainly seems to be the truth of the matter.

To download the White Noise Baby app CLICK HERE.