Three baby development activities

Babies develop at an extremely rapid rate by watching and copying what goes on around them. To increase and enhance your baby’s development it is important that you engage your baby’s senses. These senses are hearing, smell, sight and touch.

Actively engaging in baby development activities that will help stimulate these four senses can be crucial. If you are stuck for ideas for activities to do with one so young, here are three fun, baby development activities.

Blowing Bubbles

At approximately four to six months your baby’s hands will be everywhere, as he reaches out and grabs at everything, unable to resist touching and exploring the world around him.

To encourage this hand-eye coordination, sit your baby down comfortably with a towel around him and blow bubbles in his direction. Let him reach out and touch the bubbles and he will be fascinated by this development-boosting activity.

Fingers and Toes

Lightly touching your baby’s skin, not only reassures your little one, but, by focusing the touches on her hands and feet, will help her discover where her body ends and the rest of the world begins.

Start by gently stroking your baby’s hands whilst counting each of her fingers out loud, and then gradually move to her feet, commenting on her toes. This touch sensitive activity is suitable from birth onwards and will help to develop your baby’s sense of her own body.

Dance and be merry!

Babies, even as young as three months, love to dance. Putting on some music – not too loud – and gently dancing around the room with your baby in your arms will not help to stimulate your baby’s hearing senses, but it will also help develop her sight and touch.

When your arms get tired put your baby down and carry on dancing. Seeing mum or dad dance exaggeratingly around the room is guaranteed to get a giggle and can be a great way to entertain a bored baby or amuse a grumpy one.