Three common infant health problems

They are the apple of our eyes and only have to cough and we are sent into a frenzy of panic! Whilst no parent wants to see their baby ill or in discomfort, there are several health problems that are so common and ‘normal’ that they can hardly be regarded as a problem.

Here are three of the most common infant health problems that a large percentage of babies are affected by.

infant health problems

Cradle cap

Because it looks unsightly, many parents become distressed when their baby has cradle cap. This condition, which causes dry, yellow and flaky skin to appear on the scalp, is an extremely common infant health problem, and, for most babies, they don’t even know it is there.

Cradle cap usually disappears by itself, but more persistent and extreme cases can be treated with baby oil or medicated shampoo.

Blocked Tear Ducts

An infant’s tear duct becoming blocked is another common condition affecting many during infancy. When a baby’s tear duct is blocked, it cannot drain properly and can cause redness around the eye or, in more severe cases, yellow discharge to expel from the eye.

Nine times out of ten a baby’s tear duct will open naturally, if, however it is frequently affected or is distressing your baby, seek medical attention.

Traction Alopecia – Hair loss

One of the most common infant health problems is traction alopecia. Many babies lose their hair or a patch of hair, particularly at the back of their head where their head rubs against where they lie, in the first few months of their life.

This is absolutely nothing to worry about, as in most cases when the baby hair your little one was born with falls out, it is quickly replaced with mature hairs.