Three great books for babies aged 6 – 12 months

It’s never too young to get a baby into books, in fact the younger you lay the foundations with books for babies for a lifetime of reading, the better.

The colourful pictures on the pages stimulate and fascinate babies and studies have proven that babies who are read to at an early age will demonstrate higher reading skills than children who were not read to whilst very young.

 books for babies

Take a look at three great books for babies aged 6 – 12 months:

Max Paints the House, Kevin Wilson-Max

This colourful book is a magical story about Max who lives in a house with an elephant called ‘Big Blue’ and a pig called ‘Little Pink”. Max paints the house with the help of his friends and paints a big yellow circle on the front door and at the end of the book a rainbow appears.

Not only will this book for babies introduce shapes and the words of animals and colours to your baby, but she will be mesmerised by the big, bold and colourful pictures.

Max Paints the House is appealing to toddlers as well as babies, meaning that for £9.99 you will definitely get your money’s worth!

Teddy’s Busy Day, Lane Morton

This vibrant and explorative book features various cut outs which are attached to a ribbon enabling children to slot the cut-outs into clear plastic slots that falls over each illustration. This interactive book also allows children to dress teddy up as a clown and make him peep through the window of his mummy’s car.

One of the most creative books for babies which helps to stimulate a baby’s imagination as well as developing hand/eye coordination skills and interest in this book will last well into your child’s toddler years.

Teddy’s Busy Day costs £8.99 and we believe is worth every penny!

Spot’s First Christmas, Eric Hill

Spot’s adventures helping with minute Christmas preparations on Christmas Eve has proven to be a firm favourite of books for babies for many years. Little fingers can lift up flaps to find Spot searching for his Christmas present, opening the door to carol singers and climbing up the Christmas tree.

This all-time classic that babies simply adore costs £4.99.