Three great iPhone apps for toddlers!

You are either a fan of modern technology such as iPhones, iPads and apps or you are not. Although the chances are that even if you are of the latter persuasion, your children, from a frightfully young age, will start to show an interest in modern technology.

Although if you do have a smartphone or an iPad, you may seem to spend your whole life trying to hide it from the prying and inquisitive fingers of your youngsters.

iPhone apps for toddlers

Instead of battling on with the seemingly endless struggle to put your iPhone out of your child’s reach, why not take advantage of apps that are specifically designed to encourage child development.

Take a look at the following three great iPhone apps for toddlers. 

Pocket Frogs

Free for iPhone, iPad – Suitable for ages 4 plus

Many children, at the age of about 3 or 4, develop a fascination fro frogs and other amphibians, hence the popularity of the Pocket Frogs app.

This fun and lively game, whereby children collect, trade and breed new frogs in various habitats, will help to enhance a child’s interest in amphibians.

Asides being educational, this iPhone app for toddlers is interactive and social as it can be played with friends.

Disney Fairies Fly

$4.99 for iPhone, iPad – Suitable for ages 3 plus

If your toddler is a fan of everything Disney, then she or he is bound to love the Disney Fairies Fly app. This innovative app enables children to guide fairies over some sensational landscapes, whilst avoiding obstacles and collecting treasures. The app also includes still shots from different Disney films and mini videos.

Not only will this beautifully engineered app help keep your child entertained for hours, but it will also help to develop hand and eye coordination skills.

Parenting’s Birthday Party Playtime

$1.99 for iPhone, iPad – Suitable for 3 years plus

Now let’s be honest, there’s not many three-year-olds that don’t love a great tea party! Yes this is the age when Mum is constantly getting out the tea sets and hosting make believe tea parties!

Keep this magical part of your toddler’s development alive by downloading the Parenting’s Birthday Party Playtime. One of the sweetest iPhone apps for toddlers, this allows your little ones to have a tea party every day of the week. This magical app can be enjoyed in groups, so you can invite your child’s friends around and let them all share the cake!