Three great weaning recipes

Introducing a baby to solids can be a daunting time for parents who are often unsure how their baby will react to solid food. Knowing what to give a baby in those first important months of the weaning process can also be a pressing question on many parent’s lips.

If you are about to begin weaning your baby or have already begun but have ran out of menu ideas and inspiration, you may welcome the following three great weaning recipes.

weaning recipes

Sweet potato puree

The first of our weaning recipes is a simple one involving sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are a popular food for babies being introduced to solids as they have a sweet taste, are an ‘exciting’ colour and are a great source of beta carotene.

Simply peel a sweet potato and boil it until its soft, drain and mash it up well and then add either breast milk or formula milk to make it more edible in taste and texture.

Banana puree

Bananas and babies go hand in hand and being full of potassium and quick and easy to prepare, are a firm favourite for the initial weaning process.

Make bananas an even more substantial meal for your baby by simply mixing one ripe banana with one or two teaspoons of baby rice and two tablespoons of breast milk or formula milk.

Whisk the mixture together until it forms a thick puree, and there you have it, a nutritious and tasty fabulous weaning snack!

Pear and apple puree

Pear and apple puree makes a great ‘starter’ dessert for babies, and bursting with vitamin C, is super healthy.

Simply peel and slice a ripe pear and an apple, cook with one tablespoon of water over a low heat until the fruit is soft. Blend in a blender, let it cool, and then introduce this nutritious dessert to your baby!