Three kids healthy finger food ideas

Young children love to eat with their hands. Why? Because it’s messy and lots of fun! If your toddler loves finger foods but you’re struggling to think of some healthy snacks they can enjoy eating by hand, read the following three kids healthy finger food ideas!

Cucumber and melon sticks

Spruce up the prospect of eating ultra-healthy melon and cucumber by cutting melon into cubes, slicing thin strips of cucumber with a potato peeler, wrapping the cucumber around the melon and holding it together with a tooth pick!

kids healthy finger food ideas

Kids just love food that resembles party food and won’t be able to resist picking up these novel yet mega-healthy treats and eating them.

Just make sure that you help them remove the tooth picks.

Prawns with grilled pineapple

Your toddler may have previously turned his nose up at prawns and shrimps but when placed on top of some grilled pineapple it may open a whole new dimension to your child’s perception of prawns.

Cook some king-sized prawns with a teaspoon of olive oil and some salt and pepper. Place the prawns on some pieces of fresh pineapple, small enough for your child to be able to pick up.

Grill until both the prawns and pineapple are scorched slightly.

Rice rolled in beef

Healthy food such as rice, vegetables and beef is so much more fun when it’s all rolled together and can be eaten by hand!

Shred some carrot and stir two tablespoons of the carrot with one tablespoon of sweet and sour sauce and 1/8 of a teaspoon of salt into a 3/4 of a cup of brown rice.

Thinly slice some lean beef and spoon the rice mixture onto the beef. Roll up the beef and hey presto! – You’re little one’s actually eating carrots!