Three postnatal exercise tips

Having a baby takes its toll on our bodies and no matter how much we would like our bodies to ‘spring back’ to their former pregnancy glory, achieving a toned physique post-baby takes dedication and hard work.

Although as exercising and keeping fit with a newborn baby in tow is easier said than done, it is important that new mums include a regular exercise regime in to their important ‘me time’.

If you have just had a baby and want to get your figure back sooner rather than later, you may find the following three postnatal exercise tips helpful.

Stroller workout groups

One great way for a new mum to exercise is by joining a stroller work out group, whereby you will effectively kill several birds with one stone – take baby for a walk in the fresh air, meet other mums and socialise, and, most importantly, get some exercise!

Stroller workout groups are popular in larger cities, such as London, where you will find numerous groups scattered about. These groups attract likeminded mums and don’t just involve walking but also require mums to participate in group squats, lunges and even power walking.

Postnatal workout DVDs

Exercising in the open air isn’t always feasible for new mums, particularly in the UK which has been experiencing an exceptional wet summer! This is when a postnatal exercise DVD can prove invaluable, as you can work out at your leisure in the comfort of your own home.

There are many great postnatal workout DVDs available that are dedicated to helping new mums lose their baby fat, such as Davina McCall’s ‘My Pre & Post Natal Workouts’.

Pelvic Floor Muscle exercises

You have probably been told on numerous occasions throughout your pregnancy and since having your baby the importance of doing pelvic floor muscle exercises. The truth is the importance of doing pelvic floor muscle exercises throughout pregnancy and after childbirth cannot be stressed enough.

The pelvic muscles become considerably weakened during pregnancy due to the weight of the baby and by regularly tightening the pelvic muscles by gently squeezing, will not only help tighten the vagina, which will help in subsequent births, but will also help tone the muscles and put you further down the road to regaining your post-pregnancy figure.