Three pregnancy tips for husbands

Pregnancy is naturally an emotional journey for women, whose hormones and raging and creating a hormonal rollercoaster. With their partner being ecstatically happy one minute and in floods of tears the next, men can often feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to supporting their expectant partner.

If you are a soon-to-be dad and feel that you would like to do more to support and encourage your partner, you may find the following three pregnancy tips for husbands useful.

Do your fair share of household chores

Carrying a baby about 24/7, pregnant women naturally feel tired and can feel anxious about carrying out the day to day chores, such as ironing, cooking and cleaning.

One way to give your wife the extra support she needs right now is to take some of the load off her and perform some of the household chores.

Even if you have just come home from a hard day at work, show your partner some support by cooking the dinner, doing the washing up and even battling your way through that pile of ironing!

Let things go by

If a woman ever has an excuse to be illogical and irrational, it is whilst she is pregnant! It is important to remember that your partner’s body is undergoing some immense changes whilst she is carrying a baby and as she is nurturing a rapidly nutritiously demanding foetus, it is only natural that an expectant mum is prone to a couple of mood swings now and again.

It is therefore important to try and let any, what could be perceived as being irrational or illogical behaviour, go during this emotional rollercoaster time, as confronting your wife during this hormonal period will only intensify any feelings of resentment, anger or frustration.

Make your lady feel special

When a lady feels as if she looks like she has swallowed a tyre it is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to feel depressed about her current shape and size.

Counteract these negative feelings by letting your partner know that you still think she is beautiful and sexy. Shun all insecurities aside by telling your wife that is looks more radiant and attractive than ever!

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