Thumb Print Tree – a great idea for a first birthday!

First birthdays are super special – and although our daring one-year-olds will most likely never remember their big day; there are things that we can do to show them that we made it a memorable occasion.

I recently went to a first birthday party and my mummy friend presented a great way to make a one-year-old birthday extra special.

Not sure if you’ve heard of a Thumb Print Tree – it’s not restricted to just birthdays?

So basically it’s a picture of a tree and the idea is to ink a fingerprint onto the branches, with your name next to it, as a memento of a special occasion.

My friend had printed out a picture of a tree and got all of her guests to add their print to the tree with funky-coloured inks (greens and pinks) as a symbol of the idea that her one-year-old is being raised by a community, not just her mum and dad.

I loved the idea!

Not only is it a Thumb Print Tree a fabulous way to celebrate and remember but it also makes guests feel an honoured part of the festivities.

If you Google “Thumb Print Tree”, you’ll come up with loads if shmancy options (Etsy has a load) – otherwise draw or print your own and have it framed, or scrap book it.

How did you make your one-year-old’s first birthday really special?