Tips for a cheap birthday party for children

Organising and having a baby’s birthday party can be a stressful and expensive experience.

If you have promised your little one a birthday party and are feeling slightly apprehensive about it, follow these five tips for a cheap birthday party for children to help your youngster’s birthday party run smoothly and without costing the Earth.

1. Keep the numbers down

Only inviting a small group of close family and friends will not only help keep the costs down but will take a lot of the pressure off having to entertain a large group of over excited kids!

2. Keep it simple

Hiring bouncy castles and magicians will make the cost of your child’s party very expensive and requires greater organisation. Kids love good, old-fashioned games such a pass-the-parcel and musical chairs, keep it simple for the sake of your bank balance, as well as your sanity.

3. Make the cake yourself

Pre-made birthday cakes can be expensive. Cut out this expense by making the cake yourself. Involving your child in making her own birthday cake can be a great activity for young children. For tips and recipes for baking a cake for your little one’s birthday party visit

4. Keep the party food simple

Hiring party caterers are expensive and it works out much cheaper if you make the party food yourself. Remember you are catering for children so top-notch cuisine need not apply. Stick to sandwiches, pizza, chicken wings and mini sausages for a simple and cost-effective party spread. Instead of serving jelly and ice-cream for desert, which can prove extremely messy in the hands of toddlers, why not serve a delicious bowl of fresh fruit salad for a healthier and less messy alternative.

5. Watch the clock

It is often when young children become tired at parties when the fighting, crying and upset starts. This problem can be eliminated by not letting your child’s party go on for too long. Keep your eye on the clock as well as any signs of children rubbing their eyes.