Tips for an easy crib to cot transition

The transition from a Moses basket to a cot can be a daunting one for parents. You have managed to get your baby into a bedtime routine and sleeping fairly well and the last thing you want to do is disrupt it.

Follow these simple tips on how to make the crib to cot transition easier and hopefully your sleeping beauty will not be disturbed.


It is important that you do not attempt to move your baby into a cot too early. The best time to introduce your baby to a cot is between four and six months, as it is around this age when your baby will start becoming too big for the Moses basket and could start pushing themselves up onto their hands and knees.

Where to position the cot

To help ease the crib to cot transition, place the cot in the same place where his crib used to be. If it is in your bedroom, let your little one get used to his new bed in your room for a couple of weeks and then move the cot into his own bedroom, so that the unfamiliarity is not all happening at once.

Choice of cot

When choosing a baby’s cot you should buy one with a drop side so that it is easier to get your baby in and out of the cot, an adjustable mattress height base so that the cot will accommodate for your rapidly growing baby, and a teething rail to help give your baby some relief when teething.

Use a mobile

To help divert your baby’s attention from the fact he is being put in an unfamiliar bed use a distraction instrument, such as a musical mobile. Gently place him in the cot and put the mobile on before leaving the room – hopefully the music, colours and shapes of the mobile will help your baby fall asleep and will aid the crib to cot transition.