Tips on buying shoes for young children

Whilst there may be nothing cuter than a pair of baby’s shoes, these adoring little items can end up costing parents and absolute fortune, as nothing seems to grow as quickly as your little one’s feet.

To help your child get the most from her shoes, it is important that they have been properly fitted. Below are several tips on buying shoes for young children to prolong longevity and to maximise comfort, which, as a consequence, will minimise feet problems later on in life.

Get the timing right

Because tiny shoes are so cute, many parents tend to put their baby’s in shoes before they really need them. Most foot experts agree that it is not until a toddler is walking around confidently, including walking outside, that he really needs shoes to aid him.

Visit a trained shoe fitter

When it comes to buying shoes for young children, it is important to use a properly trained shoe fitter as they will know what size shoe your child needs to cater for his individual feet. Most decent shoe shops, such as Clarks, John Lewis and Start-Rite offer a trained fitting service – take advantage of them.

Buy shoes made from leather or other natural materials

Shoes made from leather and other natural materials, unlike synthetic materials, allow feet to breathe and therefore do not cause a child’s foot to become sweaty or restricted. Also shoes with laces or Velcro straps are recommended as they provide decent support and prevent the toes from curling inwards.

Get your child’s feet measured regularly

Children’s feet grow extremely fast and up until about the age of five your child’s feet will grow at an average of two shoes sizes every year. Because of this rapid growth rate it is recommended that a child, five and under, have their feet measured every six to eight weeks.