Tips on healthy eating for toddlers

Tantrums at the table, playing with their food instead of eating it, refusing to eat the main course and only eating the pudding!

If this sounds like a familiar scenario with your toddler, you may have to resort to some clever tricks to get your child eating a healthy, balanced diet. Here’s our tips on healthy eating for toddlers –

1 – Try and make your toddler’s plate as bright and colourful as possible. Be creative in the presentation, such as making a picture with the food, using a variety of colours. Vegetables like carrots, peas and tomatoes, provide a fantastic colour contrast, making your youngster more inclined to eat it!

2 – One of the best tips on healthy eating for toddlers is to make mealtimes fun by playing games such as I Spy or singing nursery rhymes at the table. Your toddler will learn to associate mealtimes with having fun and may feel less compelled to throw a tantrum!

3 – For toddlers who refuse to eat, letting them prepare their own meals can be a great way to get them to eat their meals. Knowing that they have helped to prepare the food and have messed around with food prior to the meal, makes some children more inclined to eat what is on their plate and less inclined just to mess around with the food.

4- Avoid your toddler filling himself up with drinks, such as milk, juice or, worse still, sugary drinks. Encourage your child to drink water at mealtimes and in between meals so that he does not feel full up from the liquid.

5 – To conclude our tips on healthy eating for toddlers, make sure that your toddler is not tired at mealtimes as this will only make him less disposed to eat and more disposed to refuse to eat and throw tantrums. Remember that your toddler does not necessarily have to eat with you and other siblings and therefore you can manipulate the times of your child’s meals to coincide with him not being tired.