Tips on how to choose a baby’s name

Whilst some parents know what name they are going to give their baby as soon as they find out they are expecting, for many, choosing a baby’s name can be agonisingly difficult.

If you are of the latter persuasion, and are failing to come up with a name for your precious little one, the following tips on how to choose a baby’s name may help.

Buy a baby name book

One of the most obvious tips on how to choose a baby’s name is a Baby name book. These will provide you with a list of practically every name in existence. Most naming lists also provide a meaning behind the name, which can often be a good ‘deciding’ factor. Failing buying a name book, there are literally hundreds of websites available offering comprehensive naming dictionaries, ranging from the most popular names this year, to the most obscure.

Unusual versus conventional

It is important that both parents are in agreement whether they want their child to have an unusual name or a more conventional one. If you do not agree on this basic element, you are likely to find that you will immediately dismiss your spouse’s suggestions.

Draw a short list

Draw a short list of your top five names and every now and then say the names out loud followed by your surname. This will help you get used to how a name sounds and may help you to decide which one you like the most. Show the list to friends and family as, although you should not be swayed but others opinions of names, their responses could be enough to help you decide.

Let a name ‘speak easy’

Some names just roll off the tongue, whilst others can be a tongue-tie. Avoid names that cannot be said easily and focus on names, including middle names, whereby the vowels and syllables seem to seamlessly glide together. For example, Harry Benjamin Kelly seems to sound better than Benjamin Harry Kelly, because the two shorter names are broken up by a longer name.

Let your baby decide

More often than not parents decide the name of their baby once it has been born, for the simple fact that it looks like an ‘Anna’ or a ‘Harry’. Don’t feel under pressure to decide your baby’s name before it has been born, and remember, whatever he ends up, soon you won’t imagine him as anything else.