Tips on how to choose the right baby name

Choosing the right baby name is one of the most fun parts of being pregnant. Although having said this, many parents can feel pressure in choosing a name for their child, particularly if they are struggling to agree on a name.

Below are several tips and points to consider on how to choose the right baby name that may make your job of naming your child a little easier.

right baby name

Maintain age appropriateness 

Try to envisage a person with the name you are deliberating at all ages and deem whether it is appropriate at 8 months, 18 years old and 88 years old! A name that is very ‘cute’ now might not be so ‘cute’ when your child is a teenager!

Family names

Choosing a name that runs in the family or of a family member who has deceased can make a special name.

Does it ‘go well’ with your last name?

When choosing a name always say it together with the last name to see how it sounds and whether the names go well together. Often when the first name ends with the same letter that the next name begins with can make pronunciation difficult and needs to be considered.

Does it ‘go well’ with the names of siblings?

Similarly you should say the name out loud with the names of any siblings to see whether the name ‘goes well’ with your other children’s names.

Unique but not too unique?

It’s all very well celebrities calling their child ‘Apple’ or ‘Tiger Lilly’, but in the ‘real world’ names that are so unique they are bordered on the daft side are likely to be the brunt of jokes and could lead to a life of ridicule.

Consider the pronunciation

Giving your baby a name in which the pronunciation is dubious and whereby you and later your child is constantly having to correct people may prove to be annoying and needs considering.

Consider the initials

Unfortunately children can have a habit of picking on other children and giving your child initials that spell something rude or inappropriate may become the focus of ridicule in 12 years’ time. Consider what the initials will spell when you are deciding a name for your child.