Tips on how to teach your toddler to read

Many parents feel concerned about how their child will adapt to school. Encouraging your toddler to engage in books and experiment with numbers, letters and words can be a good way to ease the transition from home into school.

Below are several tips on how to teach your child to read.

Read to your toddler regularly

Children have amazing imaginations and these imaginations should be opened up and encouraged with books. Reading daily to your child from a young age will help to encourage a love for books and reading that may last a lifetime, not least a great help on how to teach your child to read. Also the more we read, the greater our vocabulary becomes and this is also the case with children, leaving them in better stead to tackle the learning process at school.

Read books that relate to them

Reading a book that a child can relate to will give them extra confidence with the meanings of words and activities. For example, if you are potty training your toddler, buy a potty training book and the pictures confirming what they are doing, should help speed up the process making them relate pictures, words and activities.

Follow words with your finger

When you are reading to your child follow the words with your finger as this will help them to gauge a sense of sentences, when to turn the page and increase their involvement in the book. It’s a great, fun and interactive way on how to teach your child to read.

Search out letters

Single out a letter and then keep repeating what the letter is. Let your child search for that letter in their books, until they are completely familiar with it.

Let your toddler read back to you

After you have finished a book, let your toddler read it back to you. They may get it all wrong, but it will increase their confidence in handling books and reading out loud.

Play reading games

Children have a fantastic memory. Help raise confidence in reading by deliberately getting the words wrong in their favourite book. Children generally love to correct adults and correcting you about the words in a book will increase their confidence no end.