Tips on how to treat cradle cap

Cradle cap is a common condition amongst babies. It is believed that these flaky patches on the scalp are caused by overactive sebaceous glands.

For some really good advice on how to treat cradle cap, follow the five following tips to help eradicate this condition from your little one’s scalp.

1 – Shampoo

Always use a mild shampoo designed for babies as harsh, ‘adult’ shampoos may aggravate the condition. When you are shampooing your baby’s hair, gently massage the shampoo into her scalp, particularly the areas where the cradle cap is. Ensure that you rinse the shampoo thoroughly. You can buy shampoos that are formulated for treating cradle cap. These shampoos provide extra moisture and are a good idea if the cradle cap is relatively extreme.

2 – Conditioner

Similar to the shampoo you use, the conditioner should be equally as mild. To give additional moisture to your baby’s scalp, leave the conditioner on for several minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

3 – Comb through the hair

Once your little one’s hair is thoroughly rinsed, gently towel dry it and then comb it through with a fine toothed comb. To treat cradle cap, try and remove as much of the loose, flaky skin as possible without scratching the scalp.

4 – Use olive oil

Olive oil can be used on cradle cap as it provides additional moisture and relief to the dry and sensitive areas. Pour a small amount of olive oil onto a piece of cotton wool and gently rub it onto the affected areas. Repeat this process several times a week and you should begin to notice an improvement in the condition of your baby’s scalp.

5 – Avoid using a hair dryer

It may be obvious but as your little one’s head is extremely sensitive avoid using a hair dryer on her hair until she is at least two years old. The heat from the hair dryer will only aggravate and dry out the scalp further.