Tips on treating stretch marks naturally

Whilst ecstatic you may be that you’re pregnant and you’re going to be a mum, one thing that every expectant mum fears is the arrival of the dreaded stretch marks. Stretch marks are extremely common amongst pregnant women and are attributed to being caused by the rapid and excessive stretching of the skin.

In fact, if you manage to have a baby without concurring any stretch marks, you are in the lucky minority.

treating stretch marks naturally

Naturally it is within every expectant mum’s interest to try and avoid stretch marks from appearing on their skin and fortunately there are several steps you can take to lessen the chances of one of the downsides of being pregnant from arriving.

Read the following tips on treating stretch marks naturally and therefore without spending a small fortune.

Try and keep your weight down

Whilst putting on weight is an inevitable and unavoidable part of being pregnant, it is not an excuse to gorge excessively on cakes, chips, biscuits and chocolate for the whole nine months! Stretch marks appear when the body gains weight too quickly, therefore eating a sensible, well-balanced and healthy diet throughout your pregnancy will result in you not gaining weight beyond the ‘baby weight’ and could help keep stretch marks at bay.

Keep your skin supple

Whilst there is no ‘magic’ lotion that will prevent stretch marks from appearing, often causing women spending hundreds of pounds of ointments and lotions that promise, ‘stretch mark free’ skin, it is a good idea to keep your skin supple and smooth in the fight against stretch marks.

Rubbing simple and natural creams and lotions such as cocoa butter, baby oil or lavender essential oils of your abdomen, breasts, hips and buttocks will help keep your skin well-hydrated, moist and supple, an environment that is definitely not stretch mark friendly!

Eat plenty of fruit and veg, nuts and lean protein.

Another good way to keep your skin well-hydrated during pregnancy is to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables.   Nuts are a good source of zinc which is essential for keeping the skin in tip-top condition and eating lean proteins will help to increase levels of collagen, which will help keep the skin elastic and radiant and those dreaded stretch marks under control!