Tips to make teething easier for baby

My friend, and mum of two gorgeous boys, told me the other day that she would be happy to incubate another baby if it came with teeth already attached. I laughed (out loud!) and acknowledged that her son’s teething must be pretty bad to favour the delivery of a fully-toothed baby. Eeek!

There’s just no way to sugar coat it; teething is horrible. Some babies handle it better than others but most will experience at least some of the symptoms: dribbling, gnawing and chewing; a gum that I sore and red where the tooth appears to be coming through; flushed check(s); and just general irritability.

The signs are pretty general but you know your baby best and the more time you spend with him, the better you’ll become at sussing out his behaviour.

It can become really difficult to manage your baby’s behaviour when pain is what motivating his aggravation. The good news is that there are things we can do to make the poor dears a little more comfy when those teeth are driving them (and us) crazy.

Here’s some tips to make teething easier for baby and you!

Teething rings are helpful, especially the ones that you can freeze as the cold numbs the gums a bit. Other popular teething accessories are Sophie the Giraffe and Gumigem necklaces.

Teething powders (usually natural) and gels contain a mild anaesthetic that numbs pain and soothes discomfort. Ask your pharmacist or GP for details.

Probably the most useful tip; sometimes your baby just needs a lovely mummy cuddle. It won’t stop the pain but provides a fabulous distraction. Other distractions are… pretty much anything that’ll keep you sane! – Tinsel, trains, toys, TV (don’t feel guilty); whatever it takes.

And as you’re about to tear your hair out because you feel like your baby will never stop whinging! Remember this: he will! I promise. Teething ends and life returns to normal (whatever version of normal you are prescribed to). 

What are your most effective teething tips?