Tips to teach a toddler to share

Sharing is a skill that every child has to learn, a skill that many toddlers can find difficult to grasp. This is because to a toddler, the whole world is about her.

This doesn’t mean that she is spoilt, selfish and is going to grow up a self-centred brat, but that she is simply too young to appreciate the feelings of others. This said, children can learn extremely quickly, and it is important that we teach a toddler to share as earlier on as possible.

 Tips to teach a toddler to share

Below are six parenting tips to teach a toddler to share:

* Explain to your toddler why it is important to share

* Teach by example and as soon as your baby reaches the age where she begins to appreciate toys, show her how important sharing is by showing that you are willing to share your things.

* If your toddler does have a tantrum or yell when she is asked to share try to refrain from shouting yourself. Shouting at young children rarely has a positive effect, often makes the situation worse and will set a bad example to your toddler.

* If your toddler refuses to share firmly take the toy away from her and tell her that no one will be playing with it.

* Explain to your toddler that if she doesn’t share her things with her friends or siblings, they won’t want to share any of their toys with her.

* From about the age of two encourage your child to play with other  children and not just by herself. Supervise the playing and promote sharing by passing a toy between the children.