Toddler refusing milk? Some advice to help

As your toddler begins to get a preference for certain foods and drinks, you may find that your toddler is refusing milk, she starts ‘turning her nose up’. As your toddler is still growing at a rate of knots, milk is still an important part of their diet, as it contains many essential nutrients required to help your toddler grow strong and healthy.

If your child has started to refuse milk, you may find the following tips helpful in making sure that your toddler does consume the essential nutrients found in milk and other dairy produce.

Toddler refusing milk

Aim at getting three servings of dairy into your toddler each day, a serving includes a 120ml beaker of milk.

Start the day with a bowl of milky cereal. Porridge made with milk is a great cereal for toddlers and kids, but not all youngsters will eat porridge. There is such a huge amount of cereals available that you can experiment with and you should eventually find one that your toddler will like.

A warm milky drink could be included in your toddler’s bedtime routine. If they refuse to drink the milk alone try putting a small heap of cocoa powder in the milk. Make the drink ‘your’ special time together by you having a cup of tea or a cocoa with your toddler.

Buying a new beaker can make drinking milk significantly more exciting for a toddler – remember the snazzier the better!

Yoghurts come in many forms, flavours and varieties and contain similar nutrients as the ones found in milk. Experiment with various yoghurts until your toddler finds one that she loves.

If your child is used to drinking cold milk then make it more attractive by changing it and warming it up or vice versa.

It’s funny how some toddlers refuse to drink milk but as soon as it’s turned pink or yellow and made into a milkshake, they will drink it by the gallon!

Always have some Nesquick on standby.