Toddler waking too early?

The transition from baby to toddler can cause a new set of problems in the sleep department. While babies are effectively trapped in their cots, toddlers can get up out of their bed, walk around the house and make absurd demands at unreasonable hours.

Is your toddler waking too early? You may find the following three techniques aimed at teaching your toddler to rise at a more reasonable hour helpful.

Toddler waking too early

The ‘Wake-to-sleep’ technique

The ‘wake-to-sleep’ technique essentially involves rousing your toddler ever so slightly from a deep sleep an hour before their usual waking time and then leaving him to resettle. The theory is that if your child normally wakes at 5am, set your alarm and rouse him gently at 4am, just enough that he is disturbed from a deep sleep but able to settle, so that it disrupts his sleep pattern and he won’t wake at his usual early time.

After three days of using this technique, your toddler, in theory, should not wake at such a disrespectful hour.

Teach your toddler when it is the morning with the ‘morning clock’

Buy a ‘morning clock’ that is specifically aimed at tackling the problem of early waking toddlers.

The clock basically changes at a specific time, for example a picture of a sun will appear at 7am, and the idea is that you instruct your toddler only to wake when the picture of the sun appears.

The lamp technique

A similar technique to the ‘morning clock’ is to place a lamp beside your toddler’s bed. Put the lamp on a timer and set it to switch on at a specific time in the morning. Explain to your toddler that if the lamp is off it is still night-time and when it is on it is daytime and time to get up.

You may be amazed how these techniques can actually work and give you that extra hour in bed. Phew!